I was invited to create a live painting. On 15 April, I live streamed a watercolour painting on the Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (the Italian Bird Protection League or LIPU) Facebook page. This was the introduction: " Now for a little gift: a live stream from a dear friend of the LIPU, the artist Silvia Molinari, one of Italy’s greatest watercolourists. Silvia shall paint one

I illustrated a book called Prendere il volo (Take flight). The author is Marina Marinelli and the publisher Topipittori. It is part of the “PiNO” series, which stands for Piccoli Naturalisti Osservatori (Little Naturalist Observers), devoted to the observation of what lives around us and to encouraging enjoyment in discovering nature and experiencing its beauty. It’s also a practical series that teaches readers to

I was asked to help create a special range of brushes. Believe me, I was honoured. For the first time, I was on the other side: I saw the brush fibres in the factory, I held them in the palms of my hands. They explained to me the production process and the thousand little tricks necessary to ensure every brush will work well for its

I was really pleased to illustrate Gardenia magazine’s annual diary. It’s the third time - my third year painting the months in watercolour – but this project has been particularly close to my heart due to the inspiration behind it. It all began with a project involving the Fondazione Catella and the new Milan city park in Porta Nuova, BAM – Parco Biblioteca Degli

This is the story of a bizarre idea: that of recreating an English garden inside Vicenza’s historic palace. Isabella Rizzato, translator, event planner and English literature expert, is the heart and soul of The Art Journey, a cultural association in Vicenza that offers literary tours, workshops and art holidays with international artists. I believed great things would emerge right from the first time we

An urban artistic event with a creative project organised by design studio Kreativehouse in anticipation of the Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (the Italian Bird Protection League or LIPU) National Meeting and the scientific convention Birds in Europe 3, held in Parma on Saturday 20 May 2016. A message of beauty in response to the uncertainty and superficiality of today, the delicacy of watercolour

The Cosario is a concise illustrated collection of poems dedicated to the treasures children keep in their pockets. The poetry is written by Alessia Napolitano, writer and bookseller di Radice-Labirinto, while I designed and created the watercolour illustrations. They depict items that are small and invaluable, yet very precious to those who have gathered and kept them. It marked the beginning of a