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ACQUERELLI per Gardenia 2020 • from 7 November 2019

Gallery Salamon Fine Art, Milano.
Exhibition displaying the artwork created for the 2020 Gardenia magazine diary. Read more HERE.

ARBORETO SU CARTA • 2 e 3 June 2017

Giancarlo Cipressi Arboretum, Manoppello (PE)
Watercolour portraits of flowers and small animals on display at the Biblioteca dell’Albero (Library of Trees).

IL COSARIO • 4 March 2017

Bookbank, books from a bygone era – Piacenza
Narrated introduction and exhibition of the original artwork from “Il Cosario”, with text by Alessia Napolitano and illustrations by Silvia Molinari (Edizione Corsare). Curated by Elisa Bozzi. QUI altre notizie su il Cosario.

Silvia Molinari for the 2017 Gardenia diary • 2 November 2016

Galleria Salamon & C., Milano
The Salamon&C. contemporary art gallery. exhibits the original artwork created for the 2017 Gardenia magazine diary. Read more HERE

MADE IN ITALIA – sette artisti verso la terra del sole • 17 – 29 settembre 2015

Group exhibition curated by David Parenti and the Galleria San Francesco, Reggio Emilia)

I am a painter. Whether in nature or on a sheet of paper, open spaces have forever drawn my attention, on account of the lifeforms that inhabit them and the confused freedom in which they do so, and for the change they bring. I almost always approach them in watercolour.

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27 Sep 2022

Silvia Molinari H2O
GIARDINO CONFUSO (serie) • #acquerello su carta👉 Disponibile in #salamonfineart 👉 Info: @lorenza_salamon_fineart ...#buongiorno #goodmorning #bonjour #watercolor #aquarelle #art #artoftheday #instaart #botanical #botanicalart #wildflowers #instaflower #seeds #bouquet #series ... See MoreSee Less
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