MY BRUSHES with Borciani e Bonazzi

I was asked to help create a special range of brushes.

Believe me, I was honoured.

For the first time, I was on the other side: I saw the brush fibres in the factory, I held them in the palms of my hands.

They explained to me the production process and the thousand little tricks necessary to ensure every brush will work well for its intended use. Acquerello, olio, acrilico, calligrafia, pennelli da trucco, da verniciatura… un universo vasto.

I’m very happy to have played a part in shaping the project and I’m grateful to have been chosen to oversee it, as an expert in the field.

We created the Series 700, which is inspired by this company, its unbelievable history, its desire to innovate and research, and its rich experience in crafts.

THE SERIES 700 is a totally new concept, designed by those who know their profession.

And how did the brushes turn out? Wonderfully.

Hollow synthetic bristles, “bombasino” and French quill styles enclosed in a ferrule, and a balanced handle, with brass capsule casing. A high-performance, versatile product.

That makes it easy to lay down colour, with the brush holding plenty of paint, which can be delivered onto the paper without jolts, droplets or streaks in your stroke. It feels comfortable in the hand.

That gives a clean, uniform brush stroke and sharp, precise movements – just as you would expect from an excellent synthetic-bristle brush. Meanwhile, its exceptional ability to hold water is similar to that of natural bristles.

Essentially, this new range combines the quality of a natural fibre with the brilliance of a synthetic one.

Its capsule casing allows you to transport it securely and keep it protected over time. I don’t often travel with brushes, usually taking just my pencils; these brushes have changed that.

The Series 700 now has a case designed precisely for that purpose a limited edition product that you can view and buy HERE.

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