Live performance with the LIPU

I was invited to create a live painting.

On 15 April, I live streamed a watercolour painting on the Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (the Italian Bird Protection League or LIPU) Facebook page. This was the introduction:

” Now for a little gift: a live stream from a dear friend of the LIPU, the artist Silvia Molinari, one of Italy’s greatest watercolourists.

Silvia shall paint one of the most-loved species – a symbol of spring – live for friends of the LIPU. Prepare for an inspiring performance which we are thrilled to share with you here. To watch, just head to the LIPU Facebook page.

What an incredible occasion.

This magnificent experience was made extra special by all the many people who viewed it live or watched the video back later. Welcome back, swallows!

You can watch the video again HERE

For the stream, I painted using Borciani e Bonazzi Series 700 and Series 800 brushes.

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1 April 2020

PRENDERE IL VOLO (Take flight)