PRENDERE IL VOLO (Take flight)

I illustrated a book called Prendere il volo (Take flight).

The author is Marina Marinelli and the publisher Topipittori.

It is part of the “PiNO” series, which stands for Piccoli Naturalisti Osservatori (Little Naturalist Observers), devoted to the observation of what lives around us and to encouraging enjoyment in discovering nature and experiencing its beauty. It’s also a practical series that teaches readers to watch, study and experience, to foster knowledge and understanding.

Because our lives depend on there being a vast, varied and fascinating environment in which important things happen every second. Even if we don’t know or don’t realise it.

The watercolours in this book aren’t just sketches, but they express a sense of urgency. At the same time, they’re not self-contained works as they listen to and accompany Marina Marinelli’s words.

You can buy Prendere il Volo HERE.
❥ This is my second job illustrating books for children (but for adults, too!): the first, published by Edizione Corsare, was il Cosario.

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