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I am a painter. Whether in nature or on a sheet of paper, open spaces have forever drawn my attention, on account of the lifeforms that inhabit them and the confused freedom in which they do so, and for the change they bring. I almost always approach them in watercolour.

I was born in Piacenza in 1979 and still live in the area.

My diploma is in Decorative Techniques from the Toschi di Parma Art Institute. My works feature in the permanent collection at the Galleria Salamon Fine Art in Milan and JGO Gallery in Park City, Utah. I have exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, at the Venice Biennale, and at the Affordable Art Fair in New York and Milan.

Shrubs, leaves, vegetable fragments, small living beings such as insects and birds: these are the stars of my artwork, the subjects I most enjoy drawing out from the white space of the paper.

I lead courses and workshops, and I collaborate with illustration magazines, and profit and non-profit brands.

List of exhibitions


  • ACQUERELLI – Galleria Salamon & C., Milan – curated by Lorenza Salamon
  • FIORI IN OFFICINA – Officina dell’Arte, Piacenza


  • MADE IN ITALIA – Galleria Ginza 1 Chome, Tokyo – group exhibition curated by David Parenti and the Galleria San Francesco di Reggio Emilia
  • PRIMOVERE – Castello di Felino, Parma – curated by Camillo Langone
  • C’ERO SOLTANTO – Bookbank, Piacenza – curated by Elisa Bozzi


  • DEMETRA ANESIDORA – Modena – curated by Alessia Napolitano


  • AFFORDABLE ART FAIR – Milano – group exhibition curated by Art Gallery Il Lepre
  • BINARIO UNICO PIACENZA – ROMA – Palazzo Incontro, Roma – group exhibition curated by Art Gallery Il Lepre


  • AFFORDABLE ART FAIR – Chelsea, New York – group exhibition curated by Art Gallery Il Lepre


  • BIENNALE DI VENEZIA – Palazzo Pigorini, Parma – curated by Camillo Langone
  • ERBACCE – Art Gallery Il Lepre, Piacenza
  • GENERAZIONE CASSANDRA – Perino, Piacenza – group exhibition curated by Zeroarte


  • ACQUERELLI – Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milano – curated by Gardenia Cairo Editore


  • DENTRO, FUORI – with Lucia Covi photographer – Piacenza
  • UN ATTIMO PRIMA, UN ATTIMO DOPO – Surimono, Milano


  • ACQUERELLI – ZEN, Milano – curated by Zen Arte


  • …E ANCORA PRIMAVERA – Treviso – curated by Maddalena Dal Sie


  • MESSER TULIPANO – Pralormo (TO) – curated by Consolata Pralormo
  • FLORA ET POMONA – galleria Salamon & C., Milano – group exhibition curated by Lorenza Salamon


  • KIMONO – galleria l’Acquaforte, Torino