IL COSARIO, illustrated poetry collection

The Cosario is a concise illustrated collection of poems dedicated to the treasures children keep in their pockets.

The poetry is written by Alessia Napolitano, writer and bookseller di Radice-Labirinto, while I designed and created the watercolour illustrations. They depict items that are small and invaluable, yet very precious to those who have gathered and kept them. It marked the beginning of a new adventure for me: I had never painted for children before, and it was extraordinarily interesting and fun.

Misshapen conkers, feathers, eggshells, labels, tissues, tickets, paper clips… There’s a special connection between childhood and pockets, a sort of unspoken agreement that they will continue to love the little things.

Pockets are are a dark cavern in which it’s possible to be an archaeologist of dreams. Slipping a hand into a pocket is a gesture as old as time.

The Cosario was published by Edizioni Corsare and you can buy it HERE.