An urban artistic event with a creative project organised by design studio Kreativehouse in anticipation of the Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (the Italian Bird Protection League or LIPU) National Meeting and the scientific convention Birds in Europe 3, held in Parma on Saturday 20 May 2016.

A message of beauty in response to the uncertainty and superficiality of today, the delicacy of watercolour against humankind’s abuse of nature.
For the National Meeting and scientific convention Birds in Eurpe 3, the LIPU gifted the City of Parma with an urban installation from one of the most renowned Italian watercolourists, Silvia Molinari. An exhibition laid out along the city’s roads and devoted to wild birds, it encourages us to reflect on the beauty that is at risk of disappearing. A special project that breaks free of the walls of the museum and involves the city itself.

This spring, the streets of Parma will be populated by enlarged versions of artist Silvia Molinari’s watercolours, pacy illustrations of young wild birds, with hints of colour that almost seem to dissolve into the white of the paper. The lapwing, the bluethroat, the black woodpecker, the swallow, the red-footed falcon (a precious species that has become a symbol of Parma) and many other images that aim to enchant while also raising awareness of how extremely delicate the natural beauty around us is. The subjects of these watercolours are European bird species, some of which are under great threat.

Source: © Kreativehouse

15 October 2019

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